Hillingdon Fencing Club Constitution and Rules

1.        Title
The Club shall be known as Hillingdon Fencing Club (The ‘CLUB’ hereafter)

2.        Objects
The objects of the CLUB are:
2.1 To promote interest in fencing among members.
2.2 To provide facilities to meet members’ interests in fencing
2.3 To further the interests of fencing locally and to encourage people of all ages and abilities within the local community to take up a lifelong participation in fencing
2.4 To support the BFA (British Fencing Association). For this purpose, the CLUB shall be affiliated to the BFA and shall encourage its members to become individual members of the BFA.
2.5 To encourage the health and well-being of the local community through fencing
2.6 To run the CLUB on a not-for-profits basis by returning all proceed to the CLUB by way of new equipment, improvements in training and general expansion of the CLUB

3.        Membership
3.1 A MEMBER of the CLUB is any individual with a paid subscription
3.2 Membership of the Club is open to everyone who is an amateur as defined by the BFA.
3.3 There shall be the following classes of MEMBER, each with differing subscription fees.
3.3.i ADULT MEMBER, fifteen years or over.
3.3.ii JUNIOR MEMBER, between the ages of 8 and 14. 3.3.iii VACATION STUDENT MEMBER, in full-time education and predominantly attending in university vacation time
3.3.iv HONORARY MEMBER. At the discretion of the COMMITTEE, a non-fencer may be given HONORARY MEMBERSHIP. This is intended so that non-fencers associated with the CLUB with specialist skill can be appointed to COMMITTEE positions. Must be confirmed annually by AGM
3.3.v CONCESSIONARY member, for full-time students over 18 attending all year around.
3.4 All MEMBERS are entitled to attend all CLUB sessions and to receive individual coaching (subject to availability) at no additional charge.
3.5 A VISITOR is a non-member who fences at the CLUB. VISITORS shall be charged a fee per session attended and shall not normally be entitled to individual coaching.
3.6 Subscriptions for each level of membership and visitors fees are set by THE COMMITTEE, based on the TREASURER’s recommendation. Any change to subscription must be published on the CLUB website.
3.7 MEMBERS whose subscriptions remain unpaid more than 6 months after the due date will be considered as having ceased to be MEMBERS

4.        Administration
4.1 The CLUB shall be administered by a COMMITTEE.
4.2 The COMMITTEE shall consist of not less than 4 or more than 12 individuals no more than 2 shall be HONORARY members. These shall consist of the four CLUB OFFICERS and other COMMITTEE MEMBERS fulfilling other roles as elected by GENERAL MEETING.
4.3 OFFICERS and other COMMITTEE members are to be elected at the AGM and may serve multiple terms. OFFICERS and other COMMITTEE members shall remain in office until resignation or an election is required under rule 6.4.i
4.4 The COMMITTEE will administer the club and make all decisions regarding the running of the club which do not require the approval of a GENERAL MEETING.
4.5 COMMITTEE meetings shall be held regularly, but not less than every 3 months. Four COMMITTEE MEMBERS shall constitute a quorum. Votes are by simple majority. In the case of a tied vote, the CHAIRMAN has the casting vote.
4.6 The committee may co-opt anyone to its meetings, but he or she shall not have the power to vote.
4.7 The committee shall have the power to fill casual vacancies.

5.        Officers
The CLUB shall appoint the following OFFICERS,
5.1 CHAIRMAN: the Chairman is responsible to the members for the overall running of the Club; this includes ensuring that the Club meets its objectives, financial affairs, the conduct of meetings, and ensuring that the other Officers and committee members carry out the duties delegated to them.
5.2 TREASURER: the Treasurer is responsible for collecting subscriptions, paying and receiving money, running the Club account, keeping proper records of payment and receipts, and for presenting accounts at the AGM (see Rule 6.4ii). The Treasurer should be consulted about any major items of expenditure.
5.3 SECRETARY: the Secretary is responsible for day to day administration, drafting and circulating agendas and minutes (both should be subject to the Chairman’s approval) and dealing with correspondence.
5.4 CLUB CAPTAIN. The Club Captain shall be responsible for fencing matters within the club. This shall include the conduct of training sessions and external team competitions, safety and discipline within the club. He or she shall convene and chair team selection sub-committees where necessary. In the case of Fencers representing the club in external competitions, he or she shall appoint a Team Captain to act in his or her stead if the Club Captain will not attend.

6.        General Meetings
6.1 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGS (AGM hereafter) shall be held annually giving all members at least 13 days notice. All MEMBERS are invited to attend.
6.2 10 Members constitutes a quorum.
6.3 All votes are by a simple show of hands. The CHAIRMAN has the casting vote
6.4 The AGM must
6.4.i Elect the CLUB OFFICERS and COMMITTEE if a vacancy has arisen or a nomination is received for the election of anyone other than the sitting OFFICER or COMMITTEE member.
6.4.ii Approve the annual accounts.
6.5 The AGM may also
6.5.i Change this Constitution
6.5.ii Revise subscriptions and visitors fees
6.5.iii Make any other decisions on the running of the CLUB tabled by a member
6.6 EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETINGS (EGM hereafter) shall be called if:
6.6i Five members request, in writing to the secretary, that an EGM be called or
6.6.ii The COMMITTEE votes to call an EGM
All MEMBERS are invited to attend, giving at least 13 days notice.
6.7 The EGM has all the authority of an AGM. However:
6.7.i OFFICERS and COMMITTEE members need not be elected unless subject to a majority vote of no confidence.
6.7.ii The accounts need not be presented.

7.        Elections
7.1 Any MEMBER of the CLUB, aged eighteen or over can stand for election to any office or position on the committee if nominated and seconded by other MEMBERS
7.2 The OFFICERS and COMMITTEE members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting by a simple majority of those MEMBERS present and voting.
7.3 Nominations must be accompanied by a written consent of the person nominated to serve if elected.

8.        Discipline
8.1 The Club Captain is directly responsible for the discipline of the club, under the authority of the Committee.
8.2 All members are expected to behave in a safe, orderly and sportsman-like manner. Should any member behave in an unsafe manner or in such a way as to adversely affect the orderly running or good reputation of the Club, the Club Captain shall have the right to suspend or terminate the member’s membership. This shall be confirmed byCOMMITEE within 7 days.
8.3 Any member subject to disciplinary action shall have the right to appeal. This appeal should be made in writing to the Secretary, who will acknowledge the appeal and inform the Chairman.
8.4 The Chairman shall, within two weeks, convene an appeal board including him or herself and at least two other members of the committee, excluding the Club Captain.
8.5 The appeal board will hear, in the presence of both the member and the Captain, their reason for and against the disciplinary action.
8.6 The appeals board will then vote in private whether to uphold or overturn the disciplinary action, by a simple majority. In the case of a tied vote, the Chairman shall have the casting Vote

9.        Rules
The COMMITTEE has the right to interpret these rules, and to settle any question not provided for in the rules, but no addition, nor alteration, to the rules may be made except at a GENERAL MEETING, by a simple majority of those present and voting. Changes and alterations in the rules shall be reported to the Secretary of the BFA (British Fencing Association).


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