Fencing Kit & Equipment

A fencing outfit protects a fencer during a bout from injuries and are therefore governed by strict rule of manufacture to insure safety especially in competitions where speed and power can be immense.

Fencing equipment by its nature is built to last. A jacket will last a good few years so buy a good quality one.
If you're unsure of blades, grips, gloves etc that a supplier has to offer - phone them and ask. Fencing shops are normally run by people passionate about fencing who'll be happy to guide you!

Beware of fencing gear on eBay or other such marketplaces as they are often too old and do not comply with current safety standards.

Kit can also be recommended or purchased via the club. Contact the Administrator by email for more information.


Adults fence with size 5 weapons while children might require size 3 or less depending on the age.
French and pistol grips are available in foil and epee, please check with your coach what's the best for you.


Form-fitting jacket with strap (croissard) which goes between the legs. In sabre fencing, jackets that are cut along the waist.
A small gorget of folded fabric is sewn in around the collar to prevent an opponent's blade from slipping under the mask and along the jacket upwards towards the neck.


Foil masks are structurally the same as epee masks and contain the protective bib and insulated mesh over the face.
Foil masks have the addition of lame material on the bib of the mask as this part of the neck area of the fencer is valid target.
Fencers use a mask cord to connect the lame bib material of the foil mask to the back of the foil lame for scoring.


Breeches or knickers which are a pair of short trousers that end just below the knee.
The breeches are required to have 10 cm of overlap with the jacket. Most are equipped with suspenders (braces).


One glove for the weapon arm with a gauntlet that prevents blades from going up the sleeve and causing injury, as well as protecting the hand and providing a good grip.

Plastron / Chest Protector

Chest-protector (obligatory for women) and the Weapon (see below).
Underarm protector or Plastron which goes under the main jacket

Socks & Footwear

Knee-length or thigh high socks which cover knee and thighs.
Shoes with flat soles and reinforcement on the inside of the back foot and heel of front foot, to prevent wear from lunging


If you fence using electric scoring you will also need the electric version of your weapon and the body wire.
Plus for Foil you'll need a foil lame jacket (the armless conductive jacket which goes over the normal one) and for Sabre: sabre lame jacket, electric mask and electric glove, and jacket to mask wire.

Equipment Suppliers

There are a limited number of suppliers of fencing equipment but here are links to some we have used: